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What's new? Everything is new!
NiceLabel recently launched a completely updated product line, based on 25 years of industry experience and built on the most modern technology available today.  The new product line provides NiceLabel customers with unmatched print productivity through next generation technology

  • Familiarity and ease-of-use
    The ribbon-based user interface is built on the same principles and user experience as Microsoft Word. 

  • Unmatched reliability 
    We built the new platform with a test driven development approach: we use .NET technology, agile development principles and computer controlled software testing. We run tens of thousands of automatic tests day and night. 

  • Future-proof
    The future-proof platform leverages the latest technology advancements including 64-bit memory, multi-core processors, tablets, touch-screens, HTML5, Web, Cloud and Mobile.

Note sure which product to use? 
Take a few minutes to answer 7 questions about your labelling requirements and we’ll recommend a product fits your environment and budget.


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